Hui Gui: a Chinese story, by Elsie Sze

Hui Gui, "returning home" in Chinese, has come to designate the British handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the pivotal event that launches this epic novel of twentieth century China and Hong Kong. Hui Gui transports the reader through time and place with the memorable story of Lee Tak Sing growing up in war-torn China of the thirties and forties, and leaving the mainland for Hong Kong as a refugee following the Communist takeover in 1949. Years later, as the clock ticks towards the handover, Tak Sing's daughter, Serena, recalls her family's stories of love and loss, courage and survival. This is a tale of a homecoming, extolling the triumph of the spirit over the inevitabilities of the human predicament. 



"I think that what makes this moving novel so extraordinary is the author's profound understanding of how events shape and direct our lives, and how we are all a part of an ongoing process. Elsie Sze grasps what History is made of: Stories. And she tells her stories beautifully."

                                                                                           -- Isabel Huggan


"With grace and sensitivity, Elsie Sze shapes the poignant story of one family's struggles and convictions amidst the maelstrom of Chinese political history. Hui Gui is a moving and memorable portrait of dignity, sacrifice and enduring love."

                                                  -- Ania Szado, author of Beginning of Was


Read the review of Hui Gui in Cairns Media Magazine:


Hui Gui is available on,,, and at select Chapters/Indigo bookstores in Canada. It is in various public libraries and academic libraries in Canada and the United States. 


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